What to expect…

Ok, seeing as though there will be a lot to cover, I figured I would get a head start.
Basically, this is the gist of it….
Paul-Dunn will have to go into the Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM) and submit some blood, and also his “sample” for analysis.  They will do a complete screening for everything to communicable diseases to genetic predispositions etc.  He can go and “donate” up to three times in a 7 day period, that’s how long the blood analysis is good for.  So on a Monday, you would give blood and sample, then on a Wed you wold donate again, and then either Friday or the following Monday, donate again.  The cost for the initial blood work is $500, and $100 for the donation.  Then $100 each additional donation.  So I will just start writing checks for the CRM.
They then freeze these samples for 6 weeks, FDA rule.  It is against the law to use “fresh” samples anymore.  As long as you are working with a Dr’s office, everything is FDA compliant. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of being 25, and we can’t just break out the turkey baster at home.
So, with that 6 week time period in mind, I think PD might have to go back and do more blood…not positive about that one.  They might have to retest for any latent diseases that could have popped up shortly before your donation.   I’ll have to get back to you, it was a lot of info to take in. 
Either way, I think the earliest this can get realistically get started is now June
I think this is a possible timeline…
If PD gets in to the CRM by next Monday (4/1), and all of our stuff is in order, we are looking at a first attempt in June.  This is assuming all goes as planned, and PD and I are compatible…fingers crossed.
Oh, and BTW, we will all have to go see a shrink to get the mental ‘”gold star”.   They need to make sure we all know what we are getting into I guess.  Any hooker can get pregnant…they should do this for everyone!
Deep breath…ready set, GO!
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