Go Time

Here we go!  So after a last hoorah vacation in Colorado, we came home, full speed ahead!  We just spent a week relaxing in pool sized hot tubs and drinking lots of good beer.  Knowing that this could quite possibly be the last vacation taken by just the two of us, it was extra special.

 We flew in after midnight Sunday, and had an 8 am ultrasound apt on Monday.  Time to check the follicles!  It seems as though they are growing appropriately.  So, next step is the Wednesday Ovudril shot in the belly!  I took it upon myself to shoot up after A’s explanation of wanting to shoot it like a dart into my stomach.  Two days later…SMILEY FACE!  Image

Ovulation success!  So it’s a Friday morning insemination! Friday morning came pretty quickly and without incident.  We sat patiently waiting to be called in.  I was about to have sperm inside me for the first time ever!  (EW).  But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!  Very shortly after walking in, the doctor rolled back from under the hood and told me to come back in a week to check progesterone levels.  Wait, WHAT?  That’s it??  It was over and done with before I knew it!  Actually, getting inseminated was the easiest part of all the procedures and ultrasounds that I had done in preparation to getting inseminated. Who knew??

Now to wait out the longest two weeks of our lives…

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