Change of Plans

So after a long, thought out process, we have decided to go in another direction.  After all the blood work and testing, it seems PD and I just don’t match.  There is that pesky CMV virus that I just don’t have, unlike 60-85% of Americans.  If I was positive, it wouldn’t matter.  The doctor says I am “as pure as driven snow”, haha.  So after putting my ripe age of 37 into consideration, and a mismatched CMV status on the table, we decided to go with an anonymous donor.  It was heartbreaking decision, and one we put a lot of thought into.  There was just something special about starting this family and having the missing part coming from one of my oldest friends.  However,  We listened to the advice from our doctors and did plenty of research on our own.  There are just too many risk factors here.  A is convinced we are already going to have a baby with a pin head and a tail, so we shouldn’t pile on any more risk factors. 

That being said, let the donor search begin…

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